Advocacy Missions

CRE provides programmatic and logistical support to leaders from around the world who are looking to maximize their impact in the Middle East, and more successfully engage in regional issues.

The center works with community, political, and non-governmental organizations to build tailor-made leadership missions to Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. CRE also offers supplemental “add-on” programs to existing missions & programs that seek to offer delegates a more wholistic experience.

The basic factor that sets apart CRE facilitated missions from others is the unprecedented access that delegates are provided on all sides of the regional divide.

CRE missions can help your organization by:

  • Educating your leaders on the Israeli-Palestinian and regional dynamics
  • Maximizing delegates’ influence by connecting them to leaders on all sides of the divide
  • Engaging delegates in the complexity of the Middle East, beyond media headlines
  • Providing greater credibility to programs and missions, who seek a more nuanced understanding of the region

CRE is 100% non-partisan, void of any agenda other than enabling stakeholders to see and engage with relevant players on all sides of the divide. For this reason, the center is trusted by community, political, and advocacy organizations on both sides of the divide seeking to develop more nuanced understandings of real issues facing the Middle East.

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