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CRE partners with public and private universities to build state of the art experiential conflict studies programs that span all boundaries and borders. Every program is uniquely tailored, and focused on empowering participants on how to think, not what to think.

Programs are grounded in an academic approach which encourages analytical and critical thinking skills, and typically span anywhere between five days to three weeks.

In CRE programs, participants:

  • Engage with perspectives on all sides of the conflict
  • Visit Israel proper, the West Bank (Areas A, B, and C), and optionally Jordan
  • Meet with officials, civil society leaders, and citizens
  • Explore issues through the lens of politics, psychology, economics, and more
  • Ask questions, and engage in stimulating discussions with locals and peers
  • Experience the land, the people, and the cultures of the region

group-at-nativity2 CRE is unaffiliated and does not promote any specific political ideology. For this reason, some of the world’s top institutions of higher learning have found natural partnership with CRE in building and promoting experiential learning conflict studies programs.

While CRE is selective in the institutions it works with, it is always looking to partner with new institutions from around the world. Get in contact using the form below to see how CRE can help your institution.

CRE is proud to have worked with:

berkeley      johns-hopkins

glasgow      ucla      uc-irvine

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