University of California Students Explore Middle East Conflict

This summer, the Center for Regional Engagement hosted two delegations of student leaders from the University of California and University of Glasgow in Scotland in partnership with the Olive Tree Initiative.

In total, over fifty student leaders and faculty of various backgrounds and views took part in three week educational programs visiting Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan. Participants took part in a number of meetings and engagements including:

  • Meeting bereaved Israeli and Palestinian families
  • Engaging top officials from the Palestinian Authority and Israeli government
  • Visiting refugee camps in Jordan and the West Bank
  • Taking part in strategic tours of the Golan Heights and periphery areas such as Sderot
  • Experiencing various food, cultures, and the company of locals

In the span of three weeks, delegates met with over 70 officials, civil society leaders, and citizens on all sides of the conflict. CRE is grateful for its continued partnership with the Olive Tree Initiative, and looks forward to continuing the important work of educating the next generation of American and European leaders.

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